The Parish Council awards grants to organisations within the Parish. Applications are only considered on an annual basis and only in exceptional circumstances to non-village organisations. If a grant is awarded it will be paid in Q1 2015. Applications must be received by 31 October 2014.

Organisations who wish to be considered for a grant must provide evidence of ‘self-help’. In other words we will not provide money to an organisation that does not generate its own funds as well, e.g through a membership fee or other fund raising activities. Furthermore, an organisation based inside the Parish that has a large number of members (25% plus) who live outside the Parish may not be considered as high a priority as an organisation whose members are wholly within the Parish.

General Priniciples

1. Grant aid will not be awarded to any organisation automatically; each organisation must make a separate application each year.
2. Applications will not be considered without a completed Application Form and up to date Income and Expenditure Schedule (showing any other Grants received) and a separate note detailing Bank and Cash balances held as at 31 July 2014.
3. The Council will expect each applicant to justify the grant aid which is being sought and such justification must include details of what the money is to be spent on and the financial case. The latter may be evident from the accounts submitted but applicants should be aware that large balances and/or donations to other bodies must be fully explained.
Grants are not normally made to organisations located outside the Parish of Moulton.

Application forms may be downloaded here: MS Word format Acrobat

Return completed applications to the Clerk together with up to date accounts by 31 October at the latest.

Mailing address:  Parish Clerk, Moulton PC, 21 Linnet Close, Winsford CW7 3FA