Moulton Playing Fields Policy

This policy defines how Moulton Parish Council and Moulton Playing Fields Trust administers and operates the Moulton Playing Fields. Moulton Playing Fields is defined as the land that borders Main Road, the houses on Summerfield Drive and Moulton School, and contains the park, the Multi-Use Games Area and playing field.

Moulton Playing Fields Trust delegates day-to-day responsibility for the maintenance and management of the playing fields to Moulton Parish Council. who must operate this community space in accordance with the conditions demanded in the original bequest of the land. 


The primary intended use of the Moulton Playing Fields is for residents under the age of 18, and all management activities of this area must have an expected outcome to improve or benefit some or all of this group. However, the trustees of the playing field acknowledge that this is a community asset and is utilised by the entire community, but under-18s will always have priority use of the land.


Vehicular access to Moulton Playing Fields, apart from the use of the car park, is strictly controlled and restricted by Moulton Parish Council; no vehicle is allowed to enter drive on non-paved surface without the express permission of Moulton Parish Council or delegated person.

Moulton Parish Council operates CCTV within the playing fields; access to the CCTV footage and data is only made available to a member of the Police when anti-social behaviour, or a crime has been reported and releasing the footage is required to aid the investigation of this reported matter. All data is processed in accordance with Moulton Parish Council’s Data Protection Policy.

Community Events

Moulton Playing Fields is a key focal point of the village and it is expected that community events, run by Moulton Events, will utilise this space for the benefit of the community. During such events, ground operation and responsibility transfers to personnel of Moulton Events. 

Third-Party Use

Third parties can apply to Moulton Parish Council to use Moulton Playing Fields for hosting regular or one-off events. In this instances permission will normally be granted if:

  • The organiser asserts that there will be no damage to the facilities, outside normal wear and tear
  • The organiser agrees to ensure that the condition of Moulton Playing Fields is left in a fit state after the event
  • The event will not cause undue inconvenience to the local residents
  • The expected attendance of the event does not exceed the reasonable capacity of Moulton Playing Fields
  • The organiser has lodged complete risk assessments with Moulton Parish Council prior to the event
  • The organiser has valid liability insurance for the event.
  • The organiser has valid safeguarding and criminal record checks for themselves and all adults working with them, if hosting participants under 18.
  • The organiser agrees to yield to an under-18 during the event, if asked. 

Policy Revision

Date Amendments
25 May 2018 Creation

We keep this policy under regular review and we will place any updates on this web page.