Neighbourhood Plan Referendum

When is it?

On Thursday July 4th, all members on the electoral register of Moulton Parish will be able to vote on a referendum on the Neighbourhood Plan. Specifically, the question asked will be:

“Do you want Cheshire West and Chester Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for the Moulton area to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?”

What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

A Neighbourhood Plan is a legal document which informs the planning authority as to how the community want their neighbourhood to develop over a period of time. The Moulton Neighbourhood Plan covers until 2030, and seeks to ensure our village evolves as we want.

Is it just about development?

No. Although, there are sections on housing development in the plan, the designation of green spaces, key views, the settlement boundary, transport, parking and even tourism are all covered inside the document.

However, the Moulton Neighbourhood Plan supports the current settlement boundary and seeks only infill development.

What about the Moulton Village Design Statement?

This document builds upon the earlier Moulton Village Design Statement and the Parish Plan. In fact, there are many policies which have existed in previous plans and persist in this document. However, if the parish wants to benefit from the new localism legislation then the Neighbourhood Plan needs to be passed by the community. 

What does this guarantee?

It doesn’t guarantee anything, but this plan can be exceedingly powerful. There was robust opposition and comments to the Neighbourhood Plan as it progressed through the various phases to this stage. It is now up to the parishioners to pass judgement on the plan. 

Where can I read the Neighbourhood Plan?

Paper copies exist at Moulton Royal British Legion, Moulton Village Hall, The Lion Village Pub, Customer Service Centre in Northwich and CWaC Wyvern House in Winsford. Electronic copies exist here; a full history of the Neighbourhood Plan can be found on CWaC

Moulton Parish Council hope that as many people turn out to support our community and vote on this vital document for our parish. Please contact us if you have any questions.