The Council are receiving in late 2019, a figure for community infrastructure improvements. Infrastructure is defined in Town and Country Planning Act 2008, but there are broadly in three categories:

  • Social infrastructure:
    • art and culture, sports halls, education, health, social care, emergency services, community centres or village halls
  • Physical infrastructure:
    • pavements, cycleways, flood defences, highways, transport links
  • Green infrastructure:
    • play areas, public open space, woodlands

The sum is approximately £6,000 to use. We are inviting suggestions from the parish for how to spend this – or a proportion of this.

Either e-mail us and state:

  • Your Name
  • Your Address
  • Your proposed improvement and the location

Or complete our form below.

All proposed improvements must be within the legal definition of infrastructure, and we will not consider any scheme that is either outside the parish, or at the Weaver Road play area or Regent Street Backs sites, as they are already subject to their own budgeted schemes.

We will require all suggestions to be made by Saturday 30th November at 23:59.

Once received, the parish council will produce a shortlist and will put this to a public parish-wide vote in December 2019 or January 2020.

For more information on CIL, please see the Cheshire West website.