Parish Poll

On Thursday 19th December 2019, the parishioners of Moulton will be voting in a parish poll. This is a very rare event, and this page explains why this happened, what this means, and why each side wants your vote.

The question is: ” Do you want the land at the rear of Regent Street to remain as community open space and parking only?”

What is a Parish Poll?

A non binding question proposed by a parishioner and supported by a
minimum of ten members at a parish meeting which is asked of the
community and which can only have a YES or NO answer. In this instance, David Wakefield proposed a Parish Poll at the Parish Meeting on November 15th and was supported by ten parishioners. 

Will I get a polling card or instructions?

No, the parish poll is run by Cheshire West & Chester Council Democratic
services. No polling cards are issued. You must be on the electoral roll
to vote in a Parish Poll. 

Unlike proper democratic votes, there are no postal votes, or proxy voting and the opening hours of the polling station are constrained to five hours between 16:00 (4pm) and 21:00 (9pm).

Why should I vote?

The Neighbourhood Plan went through numerous consultations, questionnaires, and was eventually voted on by the community. Its adoption by CWaC details how the parishioners wanted the village to evolve and adapt over the following decade.

The redevelopment of Regent Street is a key policy in that plan, and by voting you are showing your support for, or opposition to, the Parish Council and the Neighbourhood Plan.

Why vote YES?


Why vote NO?

The proposer, David Wakfield, has refused to provide his leaflet.   Vote NO because… 

Details again?

Thursday 19th December 16:00 to 21:00 at St Stephen’s Church Hall (aka Village Hall)

The Parish Poll notice is here