Moulton shares a dedicated PCSO (Kevin McShane) with neighbouring Davenham. The PCSO maintains contact with many of the local community groups and can be contacted via the Winsford Neighbourhood Policing Team, or just stop him in the street. The PCSO’s powers are quite comprehensive. He is employed by Cheshire Constabulary and works a shift pattern which includes evenings up to midnight as well as days. Together with the NPT (Neighbourhood Policing Team) Police Officers, and other regular Police Officers, this provides for a much greater coverage than in the past.

The PCSO has bases in Moulton and Davenham Village. He has immediate access to all Police facilities and backup via the Police Radio system. You will see him moving around the area. This means that he easily stop to talk to people as well as being mobile enough to respond to incidents quickly.

If you wish to report an incident that is actually happening you should call the local Police Control Room on 01606 48000 or if it is serious by calling 999. Guidance on serious incidents is available here