Regent Street

During the last eighteen months, the previous and current administrations of the Parish Council have worked to formulate and bring a proposal to the community for the redevelopment of the land to the rear of Regent Street. This project had been identified in the Neighbourhood Plan, as well as previous parish plans and design statements that the village had created.

Our proposal was shown to the community in September 2019 when these plans were exhibited at an informal information evening.


The land is owned by Moulton Parish Council and hosts a small number of garages and trees. The Parish Council lets garages to residents for a small fee on an annual basis. There is also low-density car parking throughout the site. The site has been used as small-scale, low-intensity industrial purposes in the past. The original covenant on the land has now expired.


The Parish Council – after undertaking a tendering process – have identified and selected a partner to bring forward the following scheme:

  • 18 affordable bungalows that back onto the rear of Meadow Lane
  • 6 affordable houses, fronting Whitlow Lane
  • 130 car parking spaces (96 allocated to the community, 34 allocated to the new accommodation)
  • an administration block
  • two communal gardens
  • EV charging points

Regent Street Redevelopment: Site Plan and Side Elevation

Regent Street Redevelopment: Administration Block

Regent Street Redevelopment: Proposed elevations

This scheme is subject to approval from the Planning authority at Cheshire West and Chester, but the scheme meets the objectives – as laid out – in the Moulton Parish Neighbourhood Plan and the CWaC local plans.  The Moulton Neighbourhood Plan states that infill development is preferred, as opposed to greenfield development. This scheme delivers affordable accommodation at the centre of our community, with a low-level skyline where it backs onto existing properties.

The developers have promised that the community will be allowed to propose the name of the new road to the planning authority.

Key Benefits

The key benefits to this scheme are:

  • The realisation of a long-held desire within the community to redevelop and regenerate the small tranche of unsightly and unkempt land at the centre of the village.
  • Creation of affordable, predominantly low-rise accommodation, in close proximity to the public transport infrastructure and amenities of the village, as requested by our parishioners.
  • Installation of village car park which creates more spaces than are currently available on that land, in a properly designed car-park
  • Electrical Vehicle charging, which will be essential as Government policy phases out combustion engines in the next decade.
  • Two community gardens.
  • A parish building, a community asset.


The council have published the response to the feedback below.

Regent Street Feedback