Neighbourhood Plan


The Moulton Neighbourhood Plan was passed at referendum in July 2019 and has been adopted by Cheshire West and Chester Council.

Independent Examination

The Moulton Neighbourhood Plan was independently examined by Robert Yuille MSc DipTP MRTPI. Queries made to the Qualifying Body and the responses can be viewed at

Regulation 16

The Parish Council’s Neighbourhood Plan is now at Regulation 16. This is a public consultation, run by Cheshire West and Chester Council, at

The consultation is open from 11th October 2018 to 23rd November 2018 17:00

Regulation 14

The Moulton Neighbourhood Plan consultation ran from Monday 4th December 2017 to 11th February 2018* and is now closed. 

Moulton Parish Council would like to receive feedback on the draft Neighbourhood Plan and have produced a short Feedback Form to gather responses. Alternatively, respondents may write an email or letter to the Parish Council, so long as the reply is received before the deadline above and contains the necessary contact information of the respondent. 

The Neighbourhood Plan, once adopted, is used by the councils to decide on the development of the village and the parish, including decisions on housing, development, tourism and public transport. It is a vital document that will help shape the village in the future and the development of and within the parish. 

For more information about the Neighbourhood Plan, please see:

After the consultation period, the Parish Council will make any required amendments to the document and the village will be offered a referendum as to whether to adopt the Neighbourhood Plan. 

To assist with the consultation, Moulton Parish Council will hold a public session in late January 2018 and will document a Q&A page; more details will follow shortly. 

All feedback must have the name and address of the respondent for it to be considered valid. Please return your feedback to the Parish Council by using one of the following methods:

By post:
Moulton Parish Council,
c/o Mrs Vernon,
30 Main Road,

By email:

At the parish council drop-in session

The original page listed the consultation as ending on January 27th and with a drop-in session on January 13th; these have now been postponed. We apologise for any confusion caused.