2024/25 Parish Precept Frozen again!

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Every year, Moulton Parish Council sets the parish precept, which is then added to residents’ council tax bills within the parish, and forms the bulk of the Parish Council income. This is done in January.

Since 2019, the parish council have endeavoured to keep our precept as low as possible, while maintaining the services we provide, and fulfilling our statutory function. Every significant expenditure is regularly tendered to ensure the parish council receives good value for money, and councillors devote hours of their free time to reduce the need for contractors, where possible.

This has meant that the parish council has been able to keep the parish precept, and the increases, at a much lower level that neighbouring parishes with similar responsibilities. From April 2019 to January 2024, the combined inflation rate of the country is over 28%, but the precept has risen by 17% in the same period. This is due to the hard work of the council and their officers.

The council have set the precept for 2024/25 at the meeting on January 8th 2024 and have unanimously approved the proposed budget for that financial year. We are pleased to announce that the costs will be frozen for a fourth year.

We know the parish precept is only a small part of the council tax payable, and Cheshire West and Chester Council, Cheshire Fire Authority and Cheshire Police Authority may opt for large increases regardless, but we have always endeavoured to keep our charges as low as possible and in these challenging times, are delighted to have agreed a budget which provides good public services without loading more charges onto our parishioners.