Road Traffic Consultation

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Cheshire West and Chester Council received a sum of money from the recent development in Honeyvale Gardens for traffic calming measures in Moulton. Their original proposal was not supported by the Parish Council or the community, and has been shelved. Moulton Parish Council promised to lead a consultation exercise on their new plans, and these were received earlier this week.

The proposed traffic calming measures consist of the following two pieces of infrastructure on Jack Lane.

Road Island on approach to the village

Cheshire West proposed to put a road island on the approach to the new Weaver Grange estate on Jack Lane, complete with road markings and give way signs. Existing speed limit notifications will remain.

The Parish Council favoured this approach, as the majority of the speed enforcement activities occur on this road into the village and it is hoped that ensuring vehicles enter our community at 30mph or less, will encourage them to remain at this speed.

There is also a childrens playground, and the entrance to the new estate, and the parish council have received numerous pieces of feedback that some vehicles on Jack Lane are not adhering to the speed limit and travelling at a dangerous speed; this measure will help address this.

Plateau at Jack Lane/Niddries Lane

CWaC Highways would like to install a plateau at the junction with Jack Lane and Niddries Lane. New road markings would be added to support this installation.

The plateaus are used successfully in Cheshire and an example can be seen at the bottom of London Road, in Davenham.


Moulton Parish Council will run an online consultation at our consultations site, available here. If we can receive full copies of the plans from CWaC, we will also run a consultation evening in the village towards the end of September 2022. The council will also set aside up to fifteen minutes before our next parish council meeting for feedback.

This money can only be used for traffic calming measures, and the parish council believe that this scheme is a better proposal than the previous iteration from CWaC.

The survey closes on Sunday 2nd October at 23:59.