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Cheshire West & Chester Youth Parliament Elections

Coming up is an exciting opportunityYouth_Focus_Logo for young people to represent other young people and stand for election to UK Youth Parliament. Cheshire West and Chester has two seats in the Youth Parliament and the election to determine who, will run from 22 Feb to 18 March 2016
UK Youth Parliament has been in operation for 15 years and Cheshire has been involved from the beginning with a proud history of active participation.
For anyone interested, the first stage in the process is being selected as one of the five candidates and the day for this selection process is Saturday 30 January 2016. The event will be held at Ellesmere Port Civic Hall, Civic Way, Ellesmere Port, CH65 0AZ, 0151 356 3890.  The event starts at 10am and will conclude no later than 4pm.
The attached documents explain how young people can get involved and include:


Thank you for your support, should you have any questions please contact Elizabeth Harding on 07843 434197.

Community Grants 2015/16

Please note that, as a cost saving measure, no Grants will be awarded during the current financial year.
The position will be reviewed again in 2016/7.
Thank you.

Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service Prince’s Trust Programme

Join the next Winsford Prince’s Trust Programme and change your live for the better! Young people in the Winsford area are being encouraged to sign up to a course which will change their lives, the Prince’s Trust Programme. Recruitment has now started for the free 12 week course which is being run by Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service and starts on Monday 28 September in Winsford. The programme focuses on giving young people aged between 16 and 25, who may have got themselves stuck in a bit of a rut or who don’t know what they want to do with their future. Anyone who takes part in the course will get the opportunity to learn new skills, complete qualifications and gain greater self-confidence while on the programme. Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service Prince’s Trust Project Co-ordinator, Tamsen Lesko added: “We hope that through this programme we can help develop young people’s skills and confidence through practical community projects and work experience. “Experience shows us that 80% of all previous young people who have graduated from the programme have gone on to achieve things as a result. This includes getting back into or going forward into education or gaining employment and training.” Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service has had a long, strong and proud partnership with Prince’s Trust for nearly 20 years and continues to see the benefits that arise from the work it does. The programme aims to move young people into full time employment and job related training. Winsford Project Manager, Jason McTigue, said: “We are looking for young people who are not currently working or not in education who may need a bit of a boost to their confidence. They may also lack motivation to develop skills that are crucial to them getting a job. If you think that this sounds like you then please phone the Winsford team for an informal chat. Alternatively, you may know someone in your family or a friend who you think might benefit from the programme. If so then please ask them to get in touch.” The 12-week programme is all about helping young people meet their full potential so we are asking anyone between 16 to 25 years of age who would like to gain qualifications, improve motivation, self-confidence and be part of a Prince’s Trust team to get in touch.” If you would like to find out more information about the Winsford programme please contact Project Assistant Jennie Pye on 07875 565 095 or visit the website

Notes of a Meeting with Bovis Homes 4th June 2015


THURSDAY 4 JUNE 2015 at Moulton Methodist Chapel Hall


Bovis – Andy Edge, Matt Lacey and Alex Harverson.

MPC – Cllrs. Aston and Vernon. Parish Clerk.


Bovis Representatives advised that they have lodged ‘discharge of conditions’ regarding several of the specifics stipulated in the Outline approval. It is envisaged that these will be satisfied before the end of July.

All Ground and Archaeological Investigations are now complete.

A Licence to remove Newts has been applied for – to Natural England. It is hoped that the Newts will be removed in the next couple of months.

They apologised for the incorrect placement of a Portaloo, which was subsequently removed.

Two more trees on Beehive Lane (near where the development will start) need canopies raising to accommodate construction traffic. Original cutting was done before Bird Nesting Season commenced. Bovis will contact the dairy farm regarding potential access.

Development of Site and Construction Traffic

The entire site will be bounded by a 6ft high timber fence for Security and Health and Safety reasons. This will be done as soon as possible.

August 12th is the hoped for start date for construction.

Bovis will begin strengthening (base layer of stone) Beehive Lane from site development end – in six phases to Jack Lane junction from approx the first field. The aim is to have a 4m wide roadway. This will involve temporary “pipe and stone” infill to the ditch – will not affect drainage. Once building is completed a top surface will be applied to the section to further improve from its current state.

Construction Traffic Plan (CTP) submitted to CWAC shows access to site initially – hopefully for no longer than 4 weeks – will be via Barnside Way. Traffic will not leave via Barnside Way, but along Beehive Lane. Effectively a one way system. This will minimise traffic and mud on the highway. Once CTP approved residents of Main Road, Summerfield Drive, Harvest Close and Barnside Way will be advised. Annoyance factor is acknowledged, but every effort will be made to ensure that this phase is as short as possible.

CTP seeks access to the site for construction traffic between 8am and 6pm weekdays and 9am to 2pm on Saturdays. CWAC may insist on “downtime” during these hours to facilitate known periods of heavier traffic, e.g. school opening and closing. Beehive Lane will be constantly controlled (manned) to ensure access is managed.

A central compound will be established – towards the top of the first field. This will include Site Office, Materials Compound and Wheelwash Facility.

Bovis will start by building 2 show homes (a 4 and a 5 bed), a sales office and car park adjacent to Barnside Way entrance. They will also build the main artery road to enable the electricity and pumping stations to be built as quickly as possible. The Swales will also be created at this stage as this will aid drainage during building.

It is hoped to have a small number of properties (c.4) available for sale by the end of the year.

The site will develop inwards, i.e. away from the Show Homes.

CWAC have been asked to approve temporary closure of footpaths along Beehive Lane and across the field. This is for H & S reasons and likely to last for a few months.


The site is on a 5% gradient. Water will be channelled towards the top of the site. Adjacent fields will not be made wetter. In some cases neighbouring fields may become drier as a result of run off being diverted.

The swales will be shallow with gently sloping sides. Max depth of water envisaged is 30cm – for once in 30 years flood provision. 99% of time will be empty and no water should stand for any period of time.

In central area trees will be planted to help soak up the water.

Point made that they would not be building if they had any doubts about drainage provision.


Adjacent Properties – Tall Trees and Brown Leaves

Dialogue between Solicitors will continue.

Bovis will contact both occupants over plans/issues raised. Acknowledge should perhaps have done so earlier, but with Solicitors involved and plans not yet fully finalised they have held back.

Offer to connect to foul sewers still stands. Don’t have to take up.

Access rights to Beehive Lane will be maintained.

Regular Meetings

Initially monthly to include Bovis Representatives (including Engineers, Designers, Site Managers, sales); Parish Councillors (max 4 at any Meeting) and Community Representatives (2 from a pool).

Will tackle any ongoing issues/concerns.

Other Matters

Affordable Housing – still 44. A Housing Association/Social Landlord will buy and handle sales/lets. Provision favours local residents.

No further bungalows are planned at this stage. Company Policy.

May have some display boards present at the July PC Meeting.

Considering attending the Crow Fair (stall), or holding a display in the village one evening/day. Experts present to answer any questions.